TYPO3 Developer days 2017 MALMÖ (T3DD17)

Four days to discuss the latests changes in the world of TYPO3 and web development in general, that was T3DD17 in Malmo. About the latest development in CKeditor, Marketing Automation, Coding Night and off course talking to people you only knew by online chat.

The first day started with a laugh when Kaspar Skarhøj, the original founder of TYPO3 talked with us at skype, which was a funny, yet great experience.

Composer tips and tricks 

After that Nils Adermann gives in his talk about good and common practices when using Composer (a PHP dependency manager) some handy tricks. For instance how to do versioning in composer the correct way. Composer is designed to read versions in a way that gives meaning to the numbers. In short, the first decimal is for breaking changes, the second for feature additions and major patches, and the third for small fixes.

Beech at the dev days

Not only did we learn handy tricks, we also give people handy tricks about Marketing automation and CK editor during our own talks.
The talk of our in-house core-developer Frans Saris showed what amazing features the CKEditor has and of course how to configure it correctly. You can find slides here.

Marketing automation 

On the same day Beech’s developer Jurian Janssen gave a presentation on a new concept, marketing automation. How do you start using marketing automation, what are common practices and what are handy tricks for beginners. Wanna know the answer? Check the presentation here.

Helping hand

Besides presentations Beech also participated in making this event possible. Our Jack-of-all-trades Bram Verhaegh took part in the event as ‘Helping Hand’. Taking upon him various organizational tasks with the event team.

Coding together

A big event during the Developer Days is of course the coding night. The majority of people will gather up in the big conference room and code together. Solving problems, developing features and having fun. The most important part of this happening is doing it together with others. You will learn different approaches to problems from various different people. It is always interesting to see how others tackle certain problems.

Image by Dragan Tomic

Nothing is more valuable than community

Many tickets were solved that evening. Meaning that not only the participants had a fun night, but also that the TYPO3 project had gained a substantial benefit from this get-together.

You can find slides from all talks at the T3DD website.

Thank you Pixelant and Andrea Herzog-Kienast for the organisation of this great event. 

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