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Roy Grinwis


Sergeant by heart but is not afraid to look beyond the horizon. Has found a new challenge in programming.

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Suitable/unsuitable for the army?

What happens when you release a bunch of developers who spend every day sitting behind a screen into a military barracks? Will it become one big chaos "unsuitable", or will these people be found "suitable"? On September 21, we got the answer.

Something completely different

Since my internship allows me to take a look into the kitchen of, I thought it would be nice to have take a look at my workplace.

Anything can be broken

After a word of welcome from the company commander, a short film and (hopefully) some impressive figures about the Education and Training Center Driving (OTCRij) in Oirschot, it is time to test their driving skills in the Driving Simulator. Here, one of the programmers managed to get a 35-ton CV90 infantry fighting vehicle to tip over. A common slogan in the infantry is: "Anything can be broken."


Shooting like a pro

At the highlight of the day, shooting in the simulator is on the program. There the men and woman find out that a real weapon is slightly heavier than a game controller in a game of Call of Duty. But after a brief explanation and an example by the professional (moi), there were still quite a few hits.


Injured during deployment

During the presentation, it is made clear what it is like during a deployment. I tell my personal story about being injured during a mission on deployment and why I am forced to make this career switch due to service disability. This is listened to with great interest. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to ask questions. Here, very specific and substantive questions are asked.


Many thanks

I want to thank for the attention and enthusiasm. After this day I came to the conclusion that after a bit of training, everyone at can tick the box suitably by a wide margin!


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