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TYPO3CampVenlo 2019: Learning and laughing in a great environment

"Great speakers and exciting presentations," was the verdict on twitter. TYPO3CampVenlo 2019 was a success and we as co-organizers are quite proud of that.

TYPO3CampVenlo is learning and laughing in a great environment. Those who say that developers are boring people are wrong. Coding and fun do go together, as the sympathetic Roland Golla proved with his workshop and talk.

On March 14 to 16, Venlo was dominated by TYPO3Camp. With three different workshops on March 14, the community day on March 15 and Barcamp on Saturday, March 16, everyone came into their own. Extra this year: certification, which was eagerly used.

Add value

During community day Sara Weinand of and keynote speaker Piccia Neri made sure that enough attention was paid to design to make it easier for visitors to reach their goal.
Benjamin Kott from TYPO3 inc. went a step further by emphasizing that we should always focus on delivering value for the customer. Like DFAU does with their TYPO3 website builder. "You never have to refuse customers again. In Toujou you can choose from different themes so that the design is already there but with the benefits of TYPO3."

SEO proof

Another benefit of TYPO3? The link with the YOAST plugin so that you can make all your texts SEO proof. Richard Haeser showed tips and tricks so that you can get the best out of the plugin. A beautiful website is great. But it is even better if you can market your services. Thomas Esders explained in his talk how you can set this up automatically via Mautic. With the caveat: Marketing automation is 90% thinking, 10% tool.

TYPO3 scanner

Not everything happens in plain sight. A lot is happening in the backend. And if handy tools are devised that make it easy to simplify all that work in the backend, that is a bonus. Such as Michiel Roos's TYPO3 Scanner, which simplifies TYPO3 migrations by showing which code needs to be changed where.

Bjorn Jacob showed how you can get the most out of the form framework and what you as a developer can look forward to when version 10 comes out. And Anton Timmersmans explained how best to use web workers.


It was of course not just about the talks. Barcamp on Saturday was popular, the location special or as a visitor on twitter says; “I can recommend the # t3cv! It's nice to meet old and new TYPO3 friends. It is well organized and even as a vegan you don't have to worry about lunch :) ”What more do you want as an organization?

Do you want to be there (again) next year? Block your agenda. TYPO3Camp 2020 will be held from 12 to 14 March.

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