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C# - .NET developer

using Beech.Employee;

public class Vacancy extends Employee {

    private string _title = "C# developer";
    private string _shortDescription = "Beech is looking for experts in programming";
    private string[] _locations = ["Venlo", "Eindhoven"];
    private string[] _experience = [
        "a little",
        "a lot"

    // Requirements
    private boolean _teamplayer = true;
    private boolean _likesFunProjects = true;
    private boolean _strictCglChecks = true;
    private boolean _readableCode = true;

    // Would be nice
    private boolean? _tryNewFrameworks = true;
    private boolean? _prototyping = true;
    private string _linuxExperience = "nice to have";

    // Additional info
    private string _description =
        "Our twenty enthusiastic developers are looking for colleagues," +
        "who want to work with them to create applications that" +
        "makes people\'s lives easier." +
        "Our ambition? Not wanting to become the greatest." +
        "But the best." +
        "That is why we are looking for you. An IT specialist who brings quality." +
        "Who, like us, looks ahead." +
        "And you understand that code quality meetings are a must." +
        "You understand how software has to work. What is needed for that." +
        "Because together with us you want to become the best. ";

// I'm Beech
if (you == new Vacancy()) {
  SendMail("coder@beech.it", "Hi please contact me"); 

Projects you will be working on

Loading software for vessels

What do you do with cargo that does not fit in a container, but does need to be taken on the ship? Which stand alone must be welded to a ship's deck? In the application we built for loading large objects that do not fit into containers, we have placed a database with all the parameters that you should pay attention to when you tie a load. Not only can shipping companies take their cargo with them safely, but it is also efficient.
Complex loading plans for seagoing vessels and exceptional cargoes can be calculated and drawn 5 times as fast than in the usual way.

Worldwide track and trace application

A global player in the south of the country that produces capital-intensive machines for industry, throws away many millions of packaging materials every year. That had to be different.
Beech helped by making an application where the materials can be tracked. The application allows you to manage the entire return flow of materials. They have insight into whether you can reuse it when it becomes available. Because materials are no longer thrown away but reused, the customer saves millions per year, and the application contributes to reducing the footprint of the organization.

Sounds good right?

Send your CV and motivation and we would love to hear from you.