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HBO Internship / Graduation

You create
As a HBO student you want to progress, become the best or at least a good enough for your internship. And if you do have to do a full-time internship, it is best to do it in a place where development comes first. We'll get that coffee ourselves.

An internship at Beech means that you tell us what you want to learn, we think along with you and take your field of study into account. Together we make a choice from a number of projects.

You collaborate
In addition to participating in fun projects, you also learn a lot about workflow here. We can already tell you that things are not the same here as at school. Here it is clear what to do and especially how to do it. Our working method is documented and we expect you to do it during your internship.

You dream
Would you like to know what kind of projects we do? What do you think of a web application in which users all over the world can see which materials have arrived, how many materials are in the chain and what their quality is.

In another project, we ensured that 700 performances and courses are linked to the website.

And what does a web application sound like that not only calculates where the cargo of a ship can best be located, but also how you can best hoist it? And of course we also make cool websites. Is it itching already?

You play
It's not all hard work, of course. A little fun from time to time, we are not averse to that. And you fit in perfectly with that.

You share
We don't expect to bring in an omniscient IT oracle. What do we expect you to share with us?

BSc level 

  • Basic knowledge of programming in PHP and Java, C #.
  • Basis in Object Oriented Programming.
  • Basic knowledge of databases - understanding what the language does.
  • Preferably able to model, UML (Universal Model Language).
  • Documenting - code documents so that others know what your code does.
  • Teamwork is no stranger to you.
  • Prefer if you are familiar with Angular, PHP, Laravel.
  • Prefer if you have worked with Linux OS.
  • Prefer if you have worked with version control such as Git.
  • Preferably if your eyes start to flicker when all (unit) tests are green.

You are beech.
What do you get in return?

  • A well-filled candy jar that (almost) never runs out.
  • Twelve developers who are willing to share their PHP, .NET secrets and Angular knowledge with you.
  • An appropriate internship allowance that you can also use to supplement that candy jar.
  • A pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Every year we organize our own Camp in Venlo and other knowledge events. You can help organize, ask the speakers off the body and of course sit in the front row.

Yes, I will do an internship with you!
Because that is of course your answer after reading this vacancy. Many students from Fontys and others have preceded you, did an internship here, graduated here or found a challenge here. Can't wait to be a part of Beech too? Mail your motivation coder@beech.it

Projects you will be working on

Loading software for vessels

What do you do with cargo that does not fit in a container, but does need to be taken on the ship? Which stand alone must be welded to a ship's deck? In the application we built for loading large objects that do not fit into containers, we have placed a database with all the parameters that you should pay attention to when you tie a load. Not only can shipping companies take their cargo with them safely, but it is also efficient.
Complex loading plans for seagoing vessels and exceptional cargoes can be calculated and drawn 5 times as fast than in the usual way.

Worldwide track and trace application

A global player in the south of the country that produces capital-intensive machines for industry, throws away many millions of packaging materials every year. That had to be different.
Beech helped by making an application where the materials can be tracked. The application allows you to manage the entire return flow of materials. They have insight into whether you can reuse it when it becomes available. Because materials are no longer thrown away but reused, the customer saves millions per year, and the application contributes to reducing the footprint of the organization.

Sounds good right?

Send your CV and motivation and we would love to hear from you.