The builder of complex applications and platforms

Software for smooth business processes and growing business results

Software for smooth business processes and growing business results

"How could we ever have worked without Beech?" We want to achieve that feeling with our customers. We make complex work tasks simple and pleasant. With beautiful, user-friendly and fast software applications for extensive work processes and complicated websites. This makes work easier and more efficient for you and your employees and saves you a lot. We call this Flow & Grow: fluid business processes for growing business results.

What can Beech do for you?

Development of complex software applications

  • For example, if you are going to set up a new process and want systems that facilitate that process;
  • Used old applications that need to be modernized;
  • Has systems that do not communicate with each other, for which links and data integration must be developed so that you can use the latest current data in each system.

Technical realization of complex online platforms

  • For example if you need a multilingual website with extensive search functionality;
  • Your business systems and database must be linked to your website;
  • You want to be able to easily maintain multiple websites with one content management system.

Why we use these software platforms

Angular & Laravel

For software applications we use the Angular and Laravel frameworks. These are time-resistant, have a continuous development, are provided with extensive documentation and support all modern languages.

Both software platforms have clean code, are secure and offer option prototyping. We use this to build the software applications in several layers: Angular for visual and interaction, Laravel for data. These platforms and approach ensure fast, flexible, secure and robust software applications.


For the websites we work with the Content Management System TYPO3. This is open source, which means it is continuously being developed, it is very suitable for large websites in many languages ​​and has a modular structure. This allows us to create multiple websites in one system and it is easy to create links to business systems.

The code for design and configuration are separate and there is an extensive rights system. This ensures fast, flexible, safe and robust websites.

"Beech represents our roots and how we want to interact with each other."

“Beech is a type of tree. That name goes back to our first office in Hout-Blerick (Venlo), where a beautiful beech tree stands in front of the building. This office is on the spot where the primary school used to be, which I attended myself. In addition to this personal emotion, a large tree also stands for a solid foundation. It grows steadily and is not easy to push. For us, beech is therefore above all a symbol for the long-term relationships that we build up with our customers and employees. ”

Edward Lenssen - Co-Founder / Owner Beech