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Our team makes your work much more efficient and enjoyable

At Beech we make software applications and websites that make your work easier and more enjoyable.

For this we have a strong team of driven software experts who prefer to do complex projects. Who love their profession, know a lot about it and at the same time want to learn a lot more from it.

Most importantly, at Beech, we are not standard developers, only interested in software. We are really curious about the processes at our customers and do everything we can to understand them. So that we can come up with smart solutions that make work tasks much more efficient.

This creates a better overview, more peace and focus and your people work (much) more efficiently. This saves a lot of time, leads to considerably lower costs and makes the work of you and your employees much easier.

With Scrum in short sprints to a Minimal Viable Product

Small teams deliver the best results

Beech develops software according to the scrum method. This is based on a 1986 study published in the Harvard Business Review. This research showed that projects with small (multidisciplinary) teams have historically delivered the best results. The goal of the scrum method is to deliver fast-acting products in short sprints, so that it quickly becomes clear whether you are doing the right thing. This limits the risks of long-term projects in which users or customers can sometimes only see and try the results after a year.

A testable product as soon as possible

In direct collaboration with customers, Beech develops a testable product in short sprints of 1 to 3 weeks as quickly as possible. This Minimal Viable Product is the first product that can be put into use and contains the absolute minimum of functions to experience the first process in the software. The idea behind this is that companies should be able to work with the software as quickly as possible. In this way, people can quickly experience whether these fit in with the work processes and the needs of customer groups and users can be mapped out through testing and use.

Thanks to the Scrum method, we quickly knew what was and was not working properly. This made the transition to the new system easy and quick.

Clarity, focus and commitment

The scrum working method offers great advantages. By dividing everything into smaller pieces, there is quickly clarity about the progress. The lines are short, there is fast communication and a lot of intensive teamwork. This leads to greater involvement of the team members, and there is always concentration on a well-organized part of the project. Beech uses this working method in all projects, to the great satisfaction of customers and the Beech team.

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