Software applications that save you time and reduce costs

Visual Cargo Planning Software

  • Visual planning software for accurate loading of ships.
  • Automatically provides the correct loading specifications and ensures perfect ship balance.
  • More than 3,000 different ships in the database.
  • Loading planning much easier, significant time savings and cost reduction, while at the same time much higher quality.

Innovative high-end professional printing solutions

  • The professional printing solutions are equipped with controllers that interact with the individual components and the various users through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Beech builds applications within this GUI based on our Angular knowledge.
  • In addition to the technical input, Beech provides Canon Production Printing with a full scrum team. Robust, testable and secure code is the standard for both parties.

Logistics software for the global market leader in the Eindhoven region

  • Logistic software for worldwide transport of packaging for very large machines.
  • User-friendly application on multiple user platforms.
  • An emphatic contribution to sustainable and circular entrepreneurship.
  • Very efficient, far fewer operations worldwide, significant cost reduction.

Sales channel House for Arts

  • Replaced technology for the realization of a stable website.
  • Seamless connection with 700 changing courses and 350 shows; each group also has different rules, wishes and needs.
  • Linking the website with the ticket and course system; all payments through the website.
  • Main sales channel now stable, much simpler processes, significant time and cost savings.

Flower / plant auction in Germany

  • Technical realization of the website and the CSS.
  • Multiple languages ​​and extensive search module (Solr).
  • Linking website to auction system with many thousands of transactions.
  • Presentation module including auction clock and current traffic and weather information.
  • Strong improvement of processes, at the same time significant time savings and cost savings.

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