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As programmers we prefer to program. And not reconfigure our stack if we change projects. During the Venlo MeetUp: Installation local PHP development environment on September 4, we got the solution for this.

Solution for time-consuming problem

We at Beech were not the only ones who wanted to know more about this. From Cologne, Dusseldorf, Brabant and of course Limburg came developers who were curious about the DDEV demo that Mathias Schreiber (CEO TYPO3 Inc) would give.

From the demo it became clear that DDEV solves a time-consuming problem. DDEV makes sure that you can drop all the configuration for your stack at once by means of a Docker container. Put down the configuration once in the appropriate configuration file and then you are good to go. Run `` `ddev start``` and your project environment with your configured stack. Now you can let your colleagues work on your project without any configuration on their machine. What a developer always comes to short is time. DDEV certainly saves time as a developer.

Interesting MeetUp

After the demo questions could be asked to Mathias. Unfortunately, there was no live connection with Randy Fay (DRUD live Q & A) but Mathias picked it up well. He answered the questions mainly by showing the options of DDEV.

Because a MeetUp always makes you thirsty, there was a drink afterwards which was eagerly used. The Visitors found the MeetUp fascinating. "It was about something I had never heard of before. A very interesting Meetup. "

Mission accomplished.

Want to know more about DDEV? Watch this video from Mathias.

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