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Jurian Janssen


Mautic questioning boss at Beech. Has a talent for Laravel. Picks up everything you give him. Is trilingual (Dutch, English and German) and unbeatable with volleybal. 

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At we stand for quality and sharing knowledge.  As a TYPO3 Partner reason enough to take part in the third CertiFUNcationday in Phantasialand in Bruhl where we not only gave two presentations about Rich CKEditor but also did two exams so we are certified.

Beech takes, together with the customer, care of a custom made online solution. This we can promise because our employees have an up-to-date knowledge about the products we work with, the knowledge we share intern and certifications.

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The past year TYPO3 CMS become one of the most important players in the CMS market making the expectations of the customers also growing. Because of the success not only the functionality grew, but also the complexity of TYPO3. Besides the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, a deeper profound knowledge about the underlying technology is essential for the success of projects.


That is why we attended the CertiFUNcationday on 9 June. A day full of knowledge. In the morning there were the presentations.’s own Frans Saris gave two about the CK-editor, Integration in your own system. Curious about the presentation for developers and integrators? You can find it here.


In the afternoon it was Ruud Silvrants and Edwards Lenssen turn to shine.

Ruud Silvrants studied for the exam of TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer. Edward Lenssen took the first time possible exam for The TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant. Of course they passed the exams.

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