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Frans Saris

Senior Developer

Stays cool at all times. Doesn't turn his hand for a difficult consultation or multiple projects at the same time. Can see an error at a distance of kilometers. Values a good joke and a well-filled sweet pot.

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Tutorial by Frans Saris solves bugs

Mandemakers; behind the scenes

Reason to let TYPO3 Contribution Bootup of June 2 take place at the Mandemakers Group with Davy Roberts and Anjo van der Spek as hosts. Participants received a sneakpeek from Mandemakers. The ultra-modern building has a great restaurant with bar. When the warehouse arrived it became clear how large the location is. A warehouse of almost eleven football pitches, most of them occupied by parts for kitchens.

Improving TYPO3

The topic of the Bootup was how everyone can help to improve TYPO3. Participants were asked to share knowledge, contribute, help with testing or translating documentation. Other topics that were discussed were GIT, Forge, patches, wiki and reporting, how to set up a virtual machine with a TYPO3 installation so that everyone could test and fix bugs.

Tutorial bugs

Several participants got stuck on bug fixes. Reason for Rends Admiral of JustAdmire and Frans Saris of to give a tutorial where step by step was explained how to report bugs in Forge, how to create the same situation in which the bug occurs and how to solve the bug .

A good bootup with great discussions about experiences with TYPO3.

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