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Venlo MeetUp: Set up your local PHP development environment

Join us now for a meetup on how to easily set up a local PHP development environment with Docker-based DDEV.

What if you can set up a local php development environment in just a few minutes? If you can quickly switch between contexts and projects? With DDEV, that is not a dream but a reality. Mathias Schreiber (CEO TYPO3 inc) and Randy Fay (DRUD live Q & A) tell you all about it during the next meetup on 5 September in Domani, Venlo.

What does DDEV actually mean?

It is powerful and flexible because you can configure the environment for each project, extend, share and control version. In short, DDEV ensures that development teams can use Docker in their workflow without the complexity of customized configurations.

DDEV supports the same development environment on the Mac, Linux and Windows, the complete package (PHP, MySQL, Redis, Solr, etc.) in the right version for your project code.

Why would you come?

Because you learn how to use DDEV during the meetup. Mathias explains, shares experiences about the use of DDEV and shows local / vagrant setups. Randy from DRUD is available via Skype for a live Q & A.

What does it give me?

Besides a whole lot of knowledge, the beer will be cold, the food will be delicious, you'll get to mingle with great developers, and did we mention that you'll hear all about how to set up a development environment in just minutes? That is in the time it takes you to slurp down a cup of coffee.

Want to know more? Click here for more information. 

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